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The LVZ Marathon Continues with Amber Green's Dead Kitties Don't Purr

Posted by CornelleKeveen on January 18, 2012 at 10:10 PM


People who take their shots and do as they're told have nothing to fear. Right? Right.

The Rabies Z epidemic began and ended in Miami this past summer, didn't it? And that guy my daddy saw at the Jacksonville airport last week was just having an epileptic fit. No cause for alarm. Epilepsy always causes an eighteen-hour hazmat shutdown at a major airport.
So while my twin tours to flog her newest album, here I am, Camie Invisible, parked at this nice, safe college—as far as I can get from the infection and still pay in-state tuition. Only now, my studies have become focused on the fascinating Risa Ruiz. And she has eyes for me.
Isn't this the perfect time for the zombies to show up?




The dorm's safety rules echoed in the back of my head. Never leave campus with someone you've just met. If you see anyone walking strangely, having convulsions, or standing too still, run as fast as you can to where the people are. Never approach anyone lying down, or anyone sitting in the wrong place. Stay on well-lit streets. Let someone know where you're going, who you're with, and when you'll be back. Keep a phone on you at all times, and never
turn it off.
And I, the careful one, the most timid freshman in the quietest dorm on campus, didn't give a shit.
I had my hand on the top edge of Risa Ruiz's gauzy skirt, feeling her flank muscles stretch and contract.
We reached another corner and turned into one of those dark cul-de-sacs that don't even rate a single working streetlamp. I blinked, trying to see.
She pulled me off the sidewalk.
I wondered for half a second, but then a bicycle whispered by.
She was paying attention—something I should be doing, as well. But there we were, off the sidewalk, away from the streetlights and headlights, and the crickets rasped as if giving coded messages, only all the messages overlapped and competed with one another, and the moonlight glittered on Risa's pectoral of claws and fangs while it shimmered on the swirling lace below.
"I want to kiss you," I said, my voice a stranger's. I swallowed, waiting for her to laugh at me, to push me away.
Instead, she pulled me closer, hip-first, and tilted her head. "What's stopping you?"
I reached up and gathered fistfuls of that hair, cool and warm at the same time, and I pulled her face down into reach, and I touched her lips with mine. And there it had to end, because I'd never opened my mouth to a kiss without wanting to gag.
But there it didn't end. She cupped my head in her hands, opened her mouth, and gently sucked my bottom lip between hers. My pulse pounded in my lips, in my temples, in my breasts where they nestled against hers. For what seemed a long time, she played with my bottom lip, licking it, then licking inside it.
She tasted of popcorn, or maybe that was me, and she smelled of something deep, woody, and rich—sandalwood or cedar, or both, or something I'd never encountered before. I desperately wanted to wash in whatever soap made her smell like that.
She pulled back, disengaging my trembling fists from her hair. "You're not used to this, are you?"
My skin shrank against my face. "I'm sorry."
At least I hadn't gagged on her. Hadn't had the first inclination to gag, come to think of it.
She brushed a kiss over my cheekbone. "Don't be. Don't be nervous, either. And whatever you do, don't hesitate to tell me to slow down if I take this too fast."
She gave my hands a brief squeeze, then led me past an overgrown camellia and turned up the walk to a bungalow with a screened front porch and a bedspread for a front window curtain. Light glowed through the gold-and-red mandala design, barely illuminating the porch swing.
The door opened onto a narrow, dark foyer, with light angling from the other end. I smelled scorched popcorn and espresso, and Risa's woodsy scent. Women spoke quietly, in the English and Italian mix that means music talk has gone all technical. Worse, I heard a ripple of notes from what had to be one of those huge harps.
My soul shriveled, remembering my sister's tutor telling Mom I had all the musicality of a rusty typewriter.
I hesitated in the foyer, with one hand on the door and one on the lock. Ahead of me, Risa glided into the light from the room, then paused and looked back at me.
The conversation stopped.
My face burned. I was a dork and making her look awkward in front of her friends.
She took two steps back into the dark with me and laid a warm hand on my shoulder. "What's wrong, Camie?"
"I—" I couldn't talk. I shook my head and swallowed. I'm shy, okay? I just am. It's not a crime and it's not a mental illness. It just is.
She touched my hand. "Come on in. If you don't know music, I can tell you what to listen for. It will be good."




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Reply KevaD/David
11:33 PM on January 18, 2012 
Great excerpt.
But considering it's from Amber Green, I knew it would be =)
Really like the cover too.
There are really some marvelous stories coming up in the Lesbians vs Zombies: The Musical Revue line.
Reply Jerri
5:12 AM on January 19, 2012 
Loved the excerpt, Amber!
Reply Debbie Vaughan
7:37 AM on January 19, 2012 
Ditto what David said, Amber. I'm already expecting zombies at every turn. The cover is lovely.
Reply Lorraine Pearl
8:26 AM on January 19, 2012 
Great cover, great blurb, and great excerpt. Can't wait to read the rest. You guys are really getting me into this series.
Reply S.D. Grady
9:38 AM on January 19, 2012 
Such a unique title for the series...and for the book! I just know LvZ is destined for greatness! Congratulations :)
Reply Deena
11:23 AM on January 19, 2012 
That was one HOT excerpt! I'm not a lesbian but after reading that one I think I may be bi. Yum!

You bring the best stuff to your blog Cornelle!

Thanks Amber!
Reply XCognito
4:00 PM on January 19, 2012 
I look forward to reading more of this series of books. Having a personal investment in the success of such, I hasten to say that I am a fan of all of the participating Authors.
Reply Ellie Heller
4:07 PM on January 19, 2012 
I love this character's voice here. Another great story.
Reply Renee
9:38 PM on January 19, 2012 
Great excerpt Amber! I can't wait to read this! :D
Reply Lily Carmouche
1:42 AM on January 20, 2012 
Lesbians and Zombies oh my! I'll read this just to see how it plays out. When can we see more?
Reply CornelleKeveen
7:52 AM on January 21, 2012 
Again, thanks to all the ERAuthors who stopped by to show our own support. I'm not sure what other crit groups are like, but I have to say that this group is where I'm at. You know what I mean people? It's just like that.
Reply CornelleKeveen
7:53 AM on January 21, 2012 
Lorraine Pearl says...
Great cover, great blurb, and great excerpt. Can't wait to read the rest. You guys are really getting me into this series.

Welcome to the space Lorraine. This being your first time commenting, I just had to thank you personally.
Reply CornelleKeveen
7:59 AM on January 21, 2012 
XCognito says...
I look forward to reading more of this series of books. Having a personal investment in the success of such, I hasten to say that I am a fan of all of the participating Authors.

Thanks Deena and Lily for your first visits to the blog...I'm please to inform you that you have a No-Prize headed to an email box near you. Be on the look out!

And XCognito...what a surprise. We're all Dying to see something from your upcoming title...The Grave Dancer......

Maybe we can convice you to stop out of the shadows for an interview soon.
Reply Amber Green
3:14 PM on January 22, 2012 
Thank you, everyone for coming by, and for your kind comments. Cornelle, would you please choose which poster gets a nice LvZ T-shirt?
Reply Fiona Archer
7:56 AM on January 31, 2012 
Oh, I adore this cover and can't wait to read more of your story, Amber. Camie is such an open character, and I can't wait to read how she's thoroughly corrupted!