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Here's what Cornelle is reading this month

This month I want to feature a few authors who I happen to admire a great deal.  First up is a lady who has been very forthcoming with valuable information and insight.  Her first novel is scheduled for release on May 12, 2010 as an e-book on Wild Rose Press.  I give you the soon to be famous person I almost know...... Dawn Chartier Author of ...Not An Angel [d4728] - $5.00 : The Wild Rose Press, Where Romance Blooms  Congratulations again're going places lady!!

I would also like to present to everyone the Incredibly Talented, Essence Best Selling Author Ms. Shelia Goss!  She doesn't realize it yet, but "She" has become my mentor in the game.  I had the pleasure of sitting in on a forum that she hosted at the Jubilee Jambalya Writer's Conference 2010.  Her presentation was "How to market your book via the internet.  I was so taken with the information provided that less than a month after the conference you're reading about "She" on My new website!  If you haven't read Ms. Goss' work you're missing out on something special.  I just finished her latest offering entitled HollyWood Deception and I have to say the book has something for every reader's tastes.  It's a romance, a mystery, and a bit of a thriller all rolled into one.  Here's another link to her website just in case you missed the one on the links page. 

There's another Best Selling Author that I'd like to recommend to you all.  This guy can WRITE!!  The first book of his that made me stand up and take notice was "So You Call Yourself a Man."  Those familiar with Urban Fiction already know the famed name of Carl Weber.  If ever there were a role model to the game it's this guy.  His latest release is entitled "Big Girls Do Cry." and I'm sure its every where in stores now.  But just in case......Carl Weber - New York Times Bestselling Author | The Big Girls Are Coming...

Now for the last but certainly not the least author on my list;  the lady who dubbed me "The Book Pimp" at the Jambalya Conference last month.  You know there are some books that we as writer's pick up and after reading them, we feel like...."Yeah....I could do that."  When I picked up Diana Rowland's  "Mark of The Demon" that feeling never materialized.  In fact it was just the opposite.  Her writing floored me.  I think I came home and whipped my manuscript silly.  Now she has the sequel to "Mark of the Demon" on the shelves as we speak.  "Blood of the Demon"  is sure to be flying out of the book stores.  Here's a peek at her site.......  Diana Rowland


Stay tuned to this page for more recommended reads from Cornelle.

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